• Morgan's characters on Saturday Night Live included Astronaut Jones and Uncle Jemima


    Morgan starred alongside Jane Krakowski, Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey and Jack McBrayer in 30 Rock

    Morgan was a series regular on Saturday Night Live for seven years and earned an Emmy nomination for best supporting actor for his role in the sitcom 30 Rock.


    He was known for his outrageous impressions, including Mike Tyson and Oprah Winfrey, but struggled with alcoholism.


    During one notorious live TV appearance in Texas, he removed his shirt and announced "someone's gonna get pregnant".


    After being arrested twice for drink driving and ordered to wear an ankle monitoring device, Morgan said it took tough talk from his then-teenage son to sober him up.


    He found an ally in fellow Saturday Night Live star Tina Fey, who wrote Morgan into her sitcom 30 Rock, playing an exaggerated version of himself, called Tracy Jordan.


    Fey described his character as a "lunatic comedy star", whose antics frequently threaten to derail a comedy TV show, loosely based on Saturday Night Live.

    30 Rock ended last year after seven series

    Following Saturday's crash, Morgan's 30 Rock co-star Alec Baldwin said: "Let's hope for a full and speedy recovery for Tracy and the others involved in that crash".


    Chat show host Conan O'Brien added: "Thinking about Tracy Morgan and his family today. Hoping for a fast recovery for this sweet and uniquely funny man."


    Morgan's spokesperson, Lewis Kay, said Morgan's family was "tremendously overwhelmed and appreciative of the outpouring of love and support from his fans".

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  • kgienk245gew Two officers at the U.S. Embassy in Yemen shot and killed a pair of armed Yemeni civilians during an attempted abduction of the Americans at a Sanaa business last month, the State Department said Friday.


    The officers have left Yemen, Marie Harf, a spokeswoman for the State Department, said in a statement. No other details were provided.


    Citing unidentified U.S. officials, The New York Times reported that the Americans were a CIA officer and a lieutenant colonel with the elite Joint Special Operations Command who were visiting a barber shop in an upscale district in Yemen's capital.


    Within days of the shooting both Americans left Yemen with the approval of the Yemeni government, the newspaper reported. It said the shooting occurred on April 24.


    Earlier this week, the U.S. Embassy in Sanaa closed temporarily because of attacks on Westerners. A day before Tuesday's closure, gunmen opened fire on three French security guards working with the European Union mission in the Yemeni capital, killing one and wounding another.


    The U.S. has waged a heavy campaign of drone strikes in Yemen against the group al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula. This month the Yemeni government has been waging an offensive against the militant group, and violence around the country has been on an upswing.


    On Friday, gunmen believed to be al-Qaida militants ambushed the motorcade of Yemen's defense minister in the Mahfad region, officials said. The assassination attempt failed.


    Later in the day, a security checkpoint near the presidential palace in Sanaa came under attack and at least two policemen died. A night earlier in Sanaa, two al-Qaida militants from Marib province were killed in clashes with security men, the Interior Ministry said.

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  •  4gewe3g6edge Speed Dating Dating Service Matching15 000 oeufs frais, une poêle de 4 mètres de diamètres, 40 cuisiniers, des pains de plusieurs mètres pour accompagner l'omelette : tout est gigantesque à Bessières, chaque lundi de Pâques...



      La tradition remonte à loin. Autrefois, les anciens se réunissaient pour Pâques sur les bords du Tarn, et préparaient ensemble l'omelette pascale. En 1973, Bernard Beilles propose de créer une association autour d'une omelette géante : la Confrérie Mondiale des Chevaliers de l'Omelette Pascale et Géante de Bessières est née.


      41 ans plus tard, l'idée n'a pas pris une ride et attire toujours autant d'amateurs de ce plat gratuit, accompagné de nombreuses manifestations. Ce lundi de Pâques, à 11 heures, 40 cuisiniers en toque plongeront quelques 15 000 oeufs frais dans la graisse de canard frémissante. 8 000 personnes sont attendues.


      Au fil des ans, l'omelette de Bessières a fait des émules puisque six autres confréries se sont créées, dont cinq à l'étranger.

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  • Your unconscious mind can do lots of stuff easily without you ever having to intervene.


     I presume your heart is beating, your food is being digested, and you do not have to remember to blink your eyes or maintain your blood pressure, right? If not you maybe dead, so stop reading now and call for an ambulance and/or an undertaker.


    What happens when you get a strong gut feeling is that your unconscious mind is trying to tell you what it thinks in the only way it knows how, with feelings. It can't talk to you because it's unconscious, hence the rather obvious name. It has done lots of calculations, looked at all the permutations, given it serious consideration and is now shouting “Whoa there big fella, it aint a great idea to poke that skunk with a stick” Of course the 'shout' can manifest itself in any number of ways. You may get sweaty palms, a nauseous feeling or just a sense of something not being quite right.


    So what do most people do when they get a strong gut feeling?


    That's right, they override it. Because it doesn't make logical sense on the surface, skunk poking notwithstanding, it tends to get dismissed.  A feeling is just that, a feeling, it can be hard to put into words. When we can't explain logically why we think something is a bad or even for that matter a good idea, we can tend to either ignore it completely or use faulty logic to dismiss it out of hand.

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  • Breton admirait beaucoup ce pionnier de surréalisme vacuum tube


    En 1919, il a créé la revue Littérature et a travaillé ensemble avec Philippe Soupault (poète et romancier français, un des fondateurs du réalisme) sur Les Champs magnétiques, dans lequel ils expriment le désespoir de la jeune génération après la guerre en utilisant des mots illogiques 家居裝修.


     C’est la première œuvre de surréalisme écrit par la méthode de l’écriture automatique 補牙.


     Le 15 octobre 1924, Breton a publié Le Manifeste du surréalisme. Le manifeste nie le réalisme et les romans traditionnels. Selon lui, le réalisme est la racine de la banalité et de la haine dans l’esprit. 


    Breton a proposé la définition du surréalisme dans le manifeste : « SURRÉALISME, n. m.&nbsp vacuum tube;


    Automatisme psychique pur, par lequel on se propose d’exprimer, soit verbalement, soit par écrit, soit de toute autre manière, le fonctionnement réel de la pensée 補牙.


     Dictée de la pensée, en l’absence de tout contrôle exercé par la raison, en dehors de toute préoccupation esthétique ou morale. &raquo 家居裝修;

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